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Keep Your Eye on Logistics

As a thought leader in the online shipping space, Shoppers' View has been using our dynamic reporting system and trained mystery shoppers to:

  • Order products online
  • Track delivery
  • Leave details on packaging
  • Initiate and complete a return
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Third-Party Logistics: Your Company's Best Investment?

If you're shipping to online customers, you understand the importance—and magnitude—of the shipping experience.

While you want clients to click and buy with convenience, not worrying about the shipping process, your company conversely wants to manage every aspect of the shipping experience, so that it appears seamless and positive to the customer...and keeps them coming back for repeat purchases.

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How to spot a mystery shopping scam

Every so often, we get asked about scammers in our industry. The good news is: most of the shopping programs are NOT scams, but we would like to share with you how to avoid a scam and be a real mystery shopper!

Unfortunately, scams disguised as mystery shopping are out there. Shoppers' View wants to help you be on the lookout for these fraudulent offers. Here's what to look for to prevent becoming a victim of such scams and what you can do if you have already been victimized. 

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Can I Record Without Consent in my State?

Did you know? Hidden video mystery shopping and telephone mystery shopping are legal in most U.S. states, thanks to one-party consent laws for video and phone recording.

If you’re looking for customer experience research in one of the two-party consent states below, you may want to consider other options for strategic results.

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Work Hacks: Taking the Call

If you're not convinced that phone calls matter to your business, check out our recent post, Can Answering the Phone the Right Way Earn You $$$?

If you're already thinking about upping your company's phone game, read on. These five work hacks will get you off and running in the right direction.

1. Get your greeting right.
How you greet your customer (or potential customer) matters immensely. Train your employees in a standard greeting that welcomes the caller and brings energy to the conversation. 

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Can Answering the Phone the Right Way Earn You $$$?

Here's a secret: One of our clients, on average, makes $800 per phone call. Yes, that's $800 attributed to one phone conversation. How do they do it? 

For this particular client, we've calculated that if someone's incoming call is handled properly on their first contact to their company, it equates to eight Benjamins in the bank.

We know there are stats like this for nearly every company, in virtually every industry. Here's the bottom line: If your referrals are being welcomed and relayed properly, it's a game changer. 

Here's why it works.

1. You have a captive audience.
The customer called you. All that advertising and marketing money you spent trying to get here has paid off. It's now your turn to keep the conversation going, engage the customer, and anticipate their needs. You've never had a more captive audience. Will you take a passive approach and just answer their questions, or will you proactively promote your product or service in a way that gets the caller excited to be a part of it?

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Customer and Shopper — One and the Same

One common misperception about mystery shopping is that the shoppers providing insights somehow aren't "real." 

Companies fear that the shoppers they work with will not be representative of the shoppers they currently attract, nor those they hope to attract in the future.

And it's a fair criticism...of some mystery shopping programs.

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Optimize Your Mystery Shopping: The Ultimate List

We're confident that customer experience strategy (aka mystery shopping) gets results. But we're not a "set it and forget it" industry. The dedicated team at Shoppers' View is ready to hone your strategy for optimal results.

If you are currently employing mystery shopping, here's a checklist to ensure you're getting the most out of your mystery shopping set-up. Planning for the future? This list will guide the strategy for your next mystery shopping endeavor.

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Mystery Shopping + Corporate Culture

What makes a mystery shopping campaign "sticky"—bringing tangible results to your company through methods that have staying power? It's simple, but it's also easy to miss. Your mystery shopping program has to be a great fit with your corporation: your culture, your people, your values, your brand.

From your program set-up to post-program strategy, your mystery shopping campaign needs to look and feel like your own. Because at the end of the day, it's an initiative designed to work for you and your customers. 

When it comes to creating your campaign, you'll want it to work seamlessly with who you are as an organization. Here are questions to consider when charting your mystery shopping course.

Does this strategy fit with our brand and our story? 
Stay true to your company's story. For example, a mystery shopping program built around evaluating customer luxury and comfort might not be important for an organization touted for being the market's economical, no-frills option. Remember, you're looking to secure and expand customers who are drawn to your unique brand.

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Online training for your company

In the last blog post we discussed our reporting capabilities regarding mystery shopping programs. It is very important that the data being presented is organized and easily analyzed to make an impact on your organization.

What happens next? When we find issues, what is the best way to handle them? What if there are some training gaps with your front line? One option is to push the information down to the regional or area managers and hope that everyone gets retrained, but that might require some extra bandwidth. Another solution that has become very popular in the education space, not surprisingly, is the use of an online University. 

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